Instructions to authors

Text of the article authors should type in the word processor Microsoft Word (like following in the file “zrazok_stattia”) according to such requirements:

1. Page size: A4 (210297 mm).
• Fields: internal – 18mm, external – 25mm, top – 20mm,
bottom – 27mm;
•page number has to be in the center at the bottom of the page with the indent from the edge of the page – 17 mm.

2. Article text: font type – Times New Roman, font size – 11pt, first line indention – 10mm, text alignment – to the width of the page.

More information about requirements for articles you can find in publishing site of Lviv Polytechnic National University

Authors should submit in the editorial board:

1. Manuscripts of articles should be directed to the e-mail address of executive secretary - associate professor L.V. Moroz: also when applying articles authors should have an electronic version (on flash drive).

2. Printed a copy of article (printout contrast). On the first page of the article should be signature of the author (authors) and supervisor or head of the department where the person works.

3. Two reviews – internal and external (both signed and certified in the personnel department and signet institution where the reviewers work). Reviews should cover: a description of the object of research, the relevance of, scientific innovation, the value of the results of research, flaws in the work, recommendations and proposal for publication in Journal. The amount of review – at least one full page.

4. Protocol of the meeting of the expert committee (like following in the file “zrazok_protokol”) about the possibility of publication on the open press.


1. Extract from the protocol of the structural unit of the consideration of publication and its recommendation to print.

2. Letter of request (like following in the file “lyst-podannia”) from the management of the organization where the author studies or works addressed to the rector of research of Lviv Polytechnic National University Chukhrai N.I. requesting publication of the article.

3. Information about the author.