Instructions to authors




The Bulletin accepts results of the scientific researches having scientific-theoretical and practical

significance. Materials should be prepared on a high scientific level and previously unpublished.

In the Bulletin the following questions are considered: the problems of theory and design of electric

power, electrical and electromechanical systems; creation of their mathematical models; optimization of

such systems from the point of view of different quality criteria; digital control systems creation; non-
traditional ways to obtain electrical energy; special modes of electrical machines; gate electromechanical

converters and systems; problems of electric and electromagnetic circuits analysis; results of experimental

and mathematical studies.

Main topics of the Bulletin:

— electromechanical and electric power elements and systems;

— automatic control system;

— mathematical modeling in electric power industry, electromechanical and electrical engineering;

— theory of electric circuits and fields;

— didactics of electrical engineering disciplines.

For the purpose of the financial support of the Newspaper publication of advertising materials is


Authors retain the copyright, but do not qualify for payment of the fee and obtaining of free copies of

the Bulletin.

The manuscripts and cover materials should correspond to the following requirements:

— the paper should correspond to the topics of the Bulletin;

— the paper should contain new research results (as compared to the previous publications);

— the title of the paper should be brief (no more than 10 words) and correspond to the essence of the

discussed scientific problems (tasks);

-the title should not be complicated because of terminology with pseudoscientific character.

The title should not begin with the words «Research and development...», «Research of some

ways...», «Some questions ...,» «Materials to study the ...», «To the question ...» and etc, which do

not reflect the essence of the problem;

-the papers begin with clear formulation describing the essence of the scientific and technical

problem (roughly one paragraph); the topic and expediency of the paper should be substantiated

for the development of the relevant field of science or industry using critical analysis and

comparison with known previously solved scientific problem; the goal of work and tasks to be

solved should be clearly formulated. You should not formulate the goal as «The researches of ...»

or «Study of ...», because these words describe the means of the goal achieving but not the actual


— the content of the paper should have a scientific and technical background (and not, for example,

terminological, social or political character)

— in the paper the content and the results of research should be presented in logical and laconic way,

the authors should avoid common words and facts not susceptible of proof;

— theoretical research should be accompanied by mathematical models, formulas, graphs, and contain

data about the adequacy and accuracy of obtained results;

— experimental research should be accompanied by tables, graphs, errors verification, probabilistic

characteristics and etc.;

-the research results should be presented and depicted by modern mathematical and computer

techniques, such as using of modern applied programs. It is inadmissible when the essence of the

paper is reduced to analytical method of calculation or approximation using elementary functions;

— the paper should not contain intermediate calculations and obvious statements;

— the paper ends with conclusions;

— the author must refer to the sources used during the paper preparing;

— the list of used references should be placed and numbered in a sequence of their appearing in the

text. The list should contain not more than 10 references.

The size of the papers, including text, tables, pictures, must be from 3 to 7 pages. The area occupied

by pictures should occupy no more than 25% of the total size. The material must be described briefly,

without reduplication of data from tables and figures.

According to Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine of

15.01.2003 р. No 7-05/1 scientific papers have to contain the following required structure:

• statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical


• analysis of recent researches and publications which discuss this problem and used by the author

of the paper, highlighting of unsolved parts of the stated problems to be analysed in the paper;

• the formation of goals (statement of the problem);

• presentation of basic material with full explanations of obtained scientific results;

• conclusions derived from the study and prospects of further research in this direction.

• the list of references (according to the Ukrainian Standard ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.1:2006).

The paper should be sent to the Editorial Board in a folder along with the following additional


hard copy of the paper;

the Conclusion of the Expert Committee — for authors from Ukraine;

two reviews:

— the first — prepared by scientist with Ph.D or D. Sc. degree from one of the leading

institutions in the field of the research;

— the second — prepared by scientist with Ph.D or D. Sc. degree from Lviv Polytechnic National

University. The labels of the reviewers must be certified.

electronic version of the paper prepared according to the Guidelines;

if the author is not employed in Lviv Polytechnic National University — the Letter of Request to the

Vice-Rector in order to publish the paper in the Bulletin.

Printed abstract in English (the size is 1800-2000 signs without spaces) and Ukrainian languages

+electronic versions