Reshetilova T., Kuvaieva T.

SHEI “National Mining University”

Stages of development the processes of forming the industrial networks, technological and logistic chains, partnership and their varieties are analyzed. Factors that determine the rate and scale of the process of forming the partnerships in the machine-building complex of Ukraine are established. A group of the factors that lead to forming the vertical partnership based on Partner Relationship Management (PRM) in mining machinery and mining industry are determined and analyzed. It is possible to draw a conclusion that today partnership as a form of interaction between enterprises of internal machine-building complex is the most rational form in the current Ukrainian market conditions. The sustainability of cooperation and also establishment of supply conditions before production, reduction of production cycles and, as a result, more effective response to needs of consumers allows to reduce the cost of interaction. It is proved that one of the participants of the partnership should carry out the functions of the organized interaction between enterprises. It is highlighted that the election of the company – integrator is caused by the highest degree of influence of one enterprise on other. The primary problem which should be solved during forming the partnership is management of relationship between participants. The method of calculation of the dominant company by this criterion is developed.

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