Series of Legal Sciences of Visnyk of Lviv Polytechnic National University


The Purpose of Initiating the Professional Scientific Publication

The research and innovative work is the most important aspect for the identity formation of the future scholar and specialist of high qualification, it serves as a powerful aspect of the selective recruitment for young scholars’ training, preservation and renovation of the research schools.
In the Institute of Law and Psychology at Lviv Polytechnic National University there is a permanent Specialized Scientific Council that deals with the preparation and defense of the Ph.D. works in Law, so there is a need in approbation of the received results and their review done by the leading experts not only in Ukraine but also abroad.
Actually the initiation of «The Visnyk of Lviv Polytechnic National University», a series of «Legal Science» will perform the appropriate approbation results of the theses in different disciplines. For this purpose, the corresponding headings have been formulated:
 Administrative and Information Law;
 Philosophy of Law;
 History and Theory of State and Law;
 Criminal Law and Procedure;
 Civil Law and Procedure;
 Legal Psychology.
Besides this the publication of the professional scientific source will facilitate cooperation and communication with the leading national and foreign universities and experts in the field of law.
The results of research published in the bulletin will have scientific, theoretical and practical values. They can be used in different spheres:
- in research — will be the basis for the further development of topical issues of jurisprudence; facilitate the adaptation of national legal framework with the EU requirements;
- in lawmaking — to formulate the offers concerning alteration of the existing legislation that regulates the sphere that is being studied, including specific principles that are covered in articles that may be incorporated during the formation of national or sectoral programs, the concepts of formation of legal awareness of jurists and lawyers in various fields;
- in enforcement — to organize specific measures in order to improve the performance of government agencies, implementation of key dispositions of the legal and political reforms;
- in the learning process — during the tuition of such subjects as «Theory of State and Law», «Criminal Law», «Civil Law», «Administrative Law,» «Philosophy of Law», «The Judicial and Law Enforcement Authorities». What is more, it may be used to write specific chapters for manuals, tutorials and to develop specific courses. In addition, leading experts and specialists who publish their works in the scientific publication will be invited to give lectures to students, masters and PhD students.
Thus, by establishing this publication, the editorial board of the Institute of Law and Psychology at Lviv Polytechnic National University aims to spread legal, including scientific knowledge and the rise of citizens’ legal awareness. Analytical articles, professional comment, expert appraisals and reviews by leading specialists in the field of law will be published in the bulletin.