The Method of Increase Efficiency to Use Network Resources in Information and Telecommunications Systems

M.M. Klymash, O.M. Shpur, M.O. Seliuchenko, B.V. Kyrychuk, T.V. Melnyk

Lviv Polytechnic National University

For optimization of using physical resources of optical path, reducing the probability of blocking when laying new logical channels in this paper has been developed method of local distribution and control segment multiservice network, which enables easier transport network management system. Using this method allows the operator to significantly reduce capital costs related to purchased in advance or reserved resources and operating costs, which make up the bulk of transport network resources that are not used. In the simulation confirmed that local resource allocation method provides a substantial reduction of congestion network device and its power, about 1.5 times. Using the algorithm laying cross tunnels, the method made it possible to unload wavelength, which has been downloaded more than 60%, and used one of the available wavelengths with high atomic number for making the through the tunnel between nodes. Switch to transparent transmission enabled partially relieve the busiest junction. This is particularly important in an environment where the network transferred large amounts of traffic. In such circumstances, the network node has to handle both own and transit, in the electrical domain, but also very often at the network level. With integrated switching MPLS / OTN managed to avoid high packet time delay and power consumption caused by switching to IP / MPLS level. Quality monitoring service shows that after switching transparently transmitting the average packet delay from end to end decreased from 82 to 28 microseconds, which is almost four times.
Friday, May 15, 2015
Wednesday, September 16, 2015